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We provide a full range of Portable Fire Extinguishers to meet your needs. We can visit your premises to do a Fire Safety Survey and will recommend the appropriate Fire equipment and signage for your needs. We will also service your fire equipment once a year or more frequently if required.

A register of all fire equipment will be supplied which should be filed in your Fire Register and a full service report will be supplied after each service. All extinguishers will be supplied, fitted and serviced in accordance with current Fire Regulations EN3 IS291:2015.

ABC Powder Extinguishers

Suitable for use on Class A, Class B, Class C (flammable gas) fires and also electrical equipment


  • High performance gas for rapid fire knockdown capability

  • Extinguishers smaller than 4 kg available as stored pressure type only

  • Extinguishers larger than 4 kg available as either stored pressure or gas cartridge operated models

  • 1 & 2 kg models come with transport bracket for fixing to vehicles

Carbon Dioxide (CO²) Extinguishers

Highly effective on fires involving electrical equipment as well as Class B fires.

  • Clean, safe and powerful for minimal damage to property

  • Available in strong lightweight aluminium alloy or steel cylinders

  • Available with swivel hom (SH) or hose and hom (HH) applicators

Foam Extinguishers

The perfect choice for Class A fires and Class B fires (flammable liquids such as gasoline, oils, paints, fats)


  • Alcoseal FFFP multi-purpose foam with branchpipe for rapid extinction & post-fire security on hydrocarbons and polar solvents

  • AFFF for rapid control and extinction on hydrocarbons

  • 2 litre model comes with transport bracket for fixing to vehicles

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